Tips and Tricks

Just wanted to pass on some info that would help you enjoy the items you buy from Adore Glass as well as things you already enjoy.

Glass Care:
As with any fine china fused glass or decorative handpainted items should be hand washed to protect your investment. Dishwashing for some items is listed but be aware that although the dishwasher does a great job on everyday items over the long haul the detergent with its' abrasives and chlorine can cause wear and tear on any item.
Just fill the sink with hot soapy water and with a soft cloth give it a wash. Lay on a towel or rack to dry and finish up with a soft cloth. Easy and protects you pieces for a lifetime.

Glass Stones or Marbles:
Many use glass stones or marbles in vases and other containers to add texture and color. They work great, but how to get the little rascals clean after they get dead leaves dust etc. all over them.
Here is any easy trick. Fill bowl or sink with very hot water and ample liquid dish soap. Place the marbles in a colonder or sieve. Rinse them first under running water then put the whole thing into the soapy water and let it soak. Go back and swirl occaisionally the remove from soapy water rinse with running hot water then spread marbles on a towel and let them dry. Works great and you can have sparkly marbles any time.

Wax Removal:
Wax removal can be a thorny problem. Here are some ways to take care of it. On votives place it in ther freezer for a few hours then many times the cold wax will just pop out with a little nudge with a knife. Warm the glass to room temperature and wash in warm soapy water. If not all is removed try a commmercial wax remover for bits that just don't want to come off and then wash again.
On cloth it is trickier but the freeze method often works. However test the cloth in an area that wont show before using a commercial remover.
On carpet, and yes we have to admit that this has happened to us you can place a cold pack (blue freezer things) on the area for awhile and see if you can pry up the largest pieces. Then after you have gotten as much as possible (be thorough) Take an iron and a brown paper bag (Iron on top, brown bag then carpet)and melt the residual onto the paper. Move the paper often and use as many bags as necessary to absorb the residual. This is time consuming and not perfect but can work well if you are patient.

Jewelry Care:
I recommend commercial jewelry cleaners. A silver polishing cloth is great. Toothpaste in a pinch on a soft cloth but can be abrasive so be careful. If you have pearls check the label of what you are using as they can ruin pearls or have them taken care of professionally. About pearls you know that you shouldn't put them on until after you have applied your perfume as the alcohol is tough on them same, with lotions.